About Us

Our Mission

To promote the development of young people in the USA and Gambia, cultivating a global mindset and creating awareness of the plight of children living in the disadvantaged villages in Africa.  We seek to advance the common good of the communities through local volunteer service projects and abroad by providing support for underprivileged children.


  • To build life and leadership skills of students 
  • Promote personal growth and self-esteem in young people
  • Make a difference in the lives of children
  • Cultivate a global mind set
  • Embrace cultural diversity

Soccer Gear Donations

  • We collect donated balls, equipment, jerseys/shorts/socks , athletic clothes and shoes, cleats and more.  To send and redistribute to the disadvantaged villages and provinces in Gambia
  • Providing suitable gear for playing soccer and other sports to children in the schools and communities.

School Supplies

We collect school supplies for the Nema Misira Primary School

Sponsor a Community Team

Seeking individuals or businesses to sponsor community teams.  We want see your company name or logo on a youth team in Gambia!!   

Few Common Questions

  • Q:  Do you take money donations?           A:  Absolutely and donations are tax deductible
  • Q:  Do you take baby items?          A:  Yes
  • Do you take regular clothing?               A:  YES All clothing & Shoes

Snap Shot

Connect students in the US to children in Gambia

Cultivate a Global Mindset

BundasKids Student Volunteers work to give back to their community. Students  do community service volunteering. We Embrace cultural diversity create awareness that we are all one world.  Students coordinate collection drives for school supplies and athletic equipment and clothing.  Some Ambassadors even  travel to Gambia. See first hand how YOU can make a difference.  Contact us for more information on how to become a BundasKids Ambassador for your school or to volunteer. 

Make a Difference in the Lives of Children

BundasKids envisions a life where every kid has the opportunity to succeed beyond the limitations of their environment.  Together with the youth of our community we bring hope and resources with the help of our volunteers, donors, and supporters.